Academic Publications

The following is a list of some of Professor Knox’s academic publications.  His reports prepared for his UN mandate are listed under “Reports and Consultations.”

Human Rights Principles and Climate Change, in Oxford Handbook of International Climate Change Law (Cinnamon Carlarne et al., eds.) (forthcoming 2015).

Human Rights, Environmental Protection, and the Sustainable Development Goals, 1 Washington International Law Journal 517 (2015) (symposium).

The United States, Environmental Agreements, and the Political Question Doctrine, 40 North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation 933 (2015) (symposium).

Climate Ethics and Human Rights, 5 Journal of Human Rights and the Environment 22 (2014).  This issue of the journal was also published as a book, entitled Choosing a Future: The Social and Legal Aspects of Climate Change (Grear & Gearty eds., 2014).

Review of Burns H. Weston & David Bollier, Green Governance: Ecological Survival, Human Rights, and the Law of the Commons, 108 American Journal of International Law 131 (2014).

International Environmental Law in North America, in International Environmental Law: The Practitioner’s Guide to the Laws of the Planet (Grosko & Martella eds., 2014).

Fixing the CEC Submissions Procedure: Are the 2012 Revisions to the Guidelines up to the Task?, 7 Golden Gate University Environmental Law Journal 81 (2013) (symposium).

Evaluating Citizen Petition Procedures: Lessons from an Analysis of the NAFTA Environmental Commission, 47 Texas International Law Journal 505 (2012) (with David Markell).

North American Free Trade Agreement, Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability (2012).

The Ruggie Rules: Applying Human Rights Law to Corporations, in The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (Radu Mares ed. 2011).

The Unpredictable Presumption Against Extraterritoriality, 40 Southwestern Law Review 635 (2011) (symposium).

Diagonal Environmental Rights, in Universal Human Rights and Extraterritorial Obligations (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2010)

A Presumption Against Extrajurisdictionality, 104 American Journal of International Law 351 (2010).

Neglected Lessons of the NAFTA Environmental Regime, 45 Wake Forest Law Review 391 (2010) (symposium).

Climate Change and Human Rights Law, 50 Virginia Journal of International Law 163 (2009).

Linking Human Rights and Climate Change at the United Nations33 Harvard Environmental Law Review 477 (2009) (symposium).

Horizontal Human Rights Law, 102 American Journal of International Law 1 (2008).

The Boundary Waters Treaty: Ahead of Its Time, and Ours54 Wayne Law Review 1591 (2008) (symposium).

Review of Gary Hufbauer & Jeffrey Schott, NAFTA Revisited, for Global Law Books, available at (posted 2007).

Natural Resources Defense Council v. Environmental Protection Agency, 101 American Journal of International Law 471 (2007).

The 2005 Activity of the NAFTA Tribunals, 100 American Journal of International Law 429 (2006).

The Flawed Trail Smelter Procedure, in Transboundary Harms in International Law: Lessons from the Trail Smelter Arbitration (Cambridge University Press, 2006).

The International Law of Biodiversity, in Biodiversity: Addressing a Global Issue Locally (Environmental Law Institute, 2005).

The Judicial Resolution of Conflicts Between Trade and the Environment, 28 Harvard Environmental Law Review 1 (2004).

Separated at Birth: The North American Agreements on Labor and the Environment, 26 Loyola International and Comparative Law Review 101 (2004).

The Legal Framework for Addressing Climate Change, 12 Penn State Environmental Law Review 135 (2004).

Assessing the Candidates for a Global Treaty on Transboundary Environmental ImpactAssessment, 12 N.Y.U. Environmental Law Journal 153 (2003) (symposium).

Greening NAFTA: The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation, (Stanford University Press, 2003), co-authored with David L. Markell.

The Myth and Reality of Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment, 96 American Journal of International Law 291 (2002).

Citizen Suits in International Environmental Law: The North American Experiencein Making Law Work: Environmental Compliance and Sustainable Development (2002).

A New Approach to Compliance with International Environmental Law: the Submissions Procedure of the NAFTA Environmental Commission, 28 Ecology Law Quarterly 1 (2001).

The Case of the Missing Paradigm, 32 Texas International Law Journal 355 (1997) (review of Samuel Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations).