Independent Expert Interviewed by World Radio Switzerland for Earth Day

Independent Expert John H. Knox speaks to World Radio Switzerland’s Vincent Landon about the use of human rights laws in addressing environmental problems, a practice that is becoming more prevalent. Listen to the full interview via the link below.

Supreme Court: Justices back Royal Shell in landmark human rights case

Prof. John H. Knox comments on the impact of the Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. decision on Alien Tort Statute cases. The ruling, which held that foreigners may not bring lawsuits in the United States against corporations for human rights violations occurring overseas, will have a major impact on ATS law.

Finding Momentum: Human Rights and the Environment

The International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard Law School lauds the presentation of the Independent Expert to the Human Rights Council, calling it a major “advance” in the discourse on the nexus between human rights in the environment.

Eight UN experts, one message: “Progress and equality must go hand-in-hand with cooperation for water”

Environment and human rights: the link is there, and so is the States’ obligation to protect them – UN expert

GENEVA (7 March 2013) – In presenting his report to the Human Rights Council, the United Nations Independent Expert on human rights and environment, John Knox, highlighted the urgent need to clarify the human rights obligations linked to the enjoyment of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment.


UN Independent Expert Releases First Report to the UN Human Rights Council

The Independent Expert releases his first report to the Human Rights Council on the human rights obligations relating to the enjoyment of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment. Continue reading »

UN Nations Independent Expert: “Protecting the environment is also a human right”

United Nations Independent Expert John Knox explains the connection between human rights obligations and the right to a healthy environment in a video that can be seen here, courtesy of the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights.

Protecting the environment: “Not just about environmental harm, but rights – human rights”

NAIROBI (19 February 2013) – The United Nations Independent Expert on human rights and the environment, John Knox, urged world governments to take into account human rights laws in designing and developing environmental governance. Prof. Knox reminded a global gathering of environmental Ministers and high level officials in Nairobi that “environmental harm can infringe the enjoyment of human rights.”

UN Independent Expert Addresses UNEP: The Role of Human Rights in the Follow-Up to Rio+20

In his speech on 18 February 2013 to the UNEP Ministerial Plenary, Independent Expert John H. Knox addresses the importance of the relationship between human rights and a healthy environment, stressing that the follow-up to Rio+20 provides a critical opportunity to incorporate human rights considerations in environmental governance and policies as sustainable development measures are adopted. Continue reading »

February 2013 Newsletter

The Independent Expert announces the public release of his first report, available through the OHCHR in all six official UN languages. Upcoming events include the UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environmental Forum where Prof. Knox is scheduled to speak on strengthening the relationship between human rights and the environment. Formal presentation of his first report is scheduled to be on March 6 at the Human Rights Council Session. The next report will be released in March of 2014 and will focus on on mapping the current law pertaining to the environment. See “February 2013 Newsletter”