Other Research

The research listed or referred to below does not necessarily reflect the views of the Special Rapporteur.  However, it may help to inform the Special Rapporteur’s work, and it may also serve as a resource for all those interested in human rights and the environment.

Academic Research

There is a large and growing body of scholarship on human rights and the environment.

A useful overview of the application of international human rights law to environmental issues is Donald K. Anton & Dinah Shelton, Environmental Protection and Human Rights (2011).  The Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, which began publication in 2010, regularly publishes articles on the topic.  For a detailed list of other books and articles, see this Bibliography on International Human Rights and the Environment.

There is also a great deal of scholarly attention to environmental rights at the domestic level, particularly through the adoption of constitutional rights to environmental protection.  A recent comprehensive description is provided in David R. Boyd, The Environmental Rights Revolution: A Global Study of Constitutions, Human Rights, and the Environment (2012).  For a list of other scholarly writings on constitutional environmental rights, organized by region and country, see the Bibliography on Environmental Rights in Domestic Law.

Reports of Civil Society Organizations

Many civil society organizations publish interesting work on the application of human rights norms to environmental issues.   Recent examples include:

Asociación Interamericana para la Defensa del Ambiente (AIDA), Annual Report, 2014.

AIDA, 15 Year Anniversary Review & Annual Report, 2013.

AIDA, Peru: Metallurgical Complex of La Oroya: When Investors’ Protection Threatens Humans Rights, 2012.

AIDA, Large Dams in the Americas: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease? Principal Consequences for the Environment and Human Rights and Possible Alternatives, 2009.

ARTICLE 19, Changing the Climate for Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information: Human Rights Responses to Climate Change, 2009.

Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), Promoting Human Rights in the Future Climate Change Regime (2012)

CIEL, Climate Change: Tackling the Greatest Human Rights Challenge of Our Time, 2015.

CIEL, Using International Law to Advance Women’s Tenure Rights in REDD+ (RRI/CIEL), 2015.

CIEL, Climate Change and Human Rights: A Primer, 2013.

CIEL, Land and Environmental Rights Defenders in Danger: An Overview of Recent Cases, 2013.

CIEL, Climate Change and Human Rights: Practical Steps for Implementation (2009).

Center on Migration, Citizenship and Development, Human rights, climate change, and climate policies in Kenya: How climate variability and agrofuel expansion impact on the enjoyment of human rights in the Tana Delta  (2011).

Earthjustice, Annual Report, 2014.

Earthjustice, Annual Report, 2013.

Earthjustice and Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), Global Warming and Human Rights (2009).

Earthjustice, Environmental Rights Report: Human Rights and the Environment  (2005).

Global Witness, Deadly Environment: The Dramatic Rise in Killings of Environmental and Land Defenders (2014).

Global Witness, How Many More? (2015) (the updated report on the killings of environmental and land defenders).

Greenpeace, A Little Story About a Monstrous Mess: Investigation on the Toxic Residues in Children’s Clothing from China’s Largest Manufacturing Towns, 2013.

Greenpeace, Human Rights and the Climate Crisis: Acting Today to Prevent Tragedy Tomorrow (2009).

Oxfam International, Climate Wrongs and Human Rights: Putting People at the Heart of Climate-Change Policy  (2008).

Universal Rights Group, Human Rights, Climate Change, and Cross-Border Displacement (2015).