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Pakistan: Court Orders Creation of Climate Council

On October 7, 2015, a judge ruled in favor of a farmer who, in response to the devastation of three deadly floods, asked the high court of Justice in Lahore to recognize the fundamental right to a clean climate. The floods, caused by rising temperatures, have threatened Pakistan’s agricultural production. The court agreed that Pakistan’s climate change minister breached his duty to uphold the right to a clean environment. The court stated that the government failed to act on its climate change policy, and it proposed that a new climate council oversee climate initiatives. The council would be composed of civilians and government officials, and would be a response to politicians’ lack of action on climate issues. The court’s decision would allow citizens to hold the government accountable for this type of inaction.  For an article about the decision, click here.

India: Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board-II v. Prof. M.V. Nayudu et al.

On December 22, 2000, the Supreme Court of India decided on a case that involved an industrial company polluting water reservoirs, making the water undrinkable. The Court held that the right to life, which the Court previously held included the right to a healthy environment, also included the right to access drinking water because water is a basic need for human survival. The Court also held that the government has a duty to provide clean drinking water.