Press Releases

Press Releases by John Knox Published
"A deadly undertaking" – UN experts urge governments to protect environmental defenders 2016-06
"The World Bank is a Human Rights-Free Zone" 2015-09
"This is no time for complacency" 2016-05
Attacks on indigenous and environmental rights in Brazil 2017-06
Bangkok Consultation Report on EHRDs and Good Practices 2014-08
Baskut Tuncak calls for transparency in investigation of Tianjin explosion 2015-08
Burning down the house 2015-12
Call for Phase-out of Hazardous Pesticides 2015-09
Costa Rica: UN expert to assess the linking of human rights with environmental protection 2013-07
Eight UN experts, one message: “Progress and equality must go hand-in-hand with cooperation for water” 2013-03
Environment and human rights: the link is there, and so is the States’ obligation to protect them – UN expert 2013-03
Human Rights and the Environment: Carrying the Conversation Forward - ASEM Seminar on Human Rights 2013-10
Human Rights Day: UN Special Procedures Issue Joint Statement on Climate Change 2014-12
Independent Expert Concludes Costa Rica Mission With Press Statement 2013-08
Independent Expert Knox Commends France's Environmental Charter 2014-10
Independent Expert Statement for World Environment Day 2014-06
Independent Expert's Fact-Finding Visit to France 2014-10
Joint Statement by UN Special Procedure Mandate Holders 2015-12
Joint Statement of Special Procedures on Human Rights Day 2016-12
Joint Statement on Climate Change and Human Rights 2015-06
Joint statement on climate change and human rights 2015-06
Joint statement on crackdown on Acción Ecológica 2016-12
Joint statement on Rio Doce disaster 2015-11
Mary Robinson Appointed as Special Envoy for Climate Change 2014-07
Minamata Convention on Mercury: UN experts call for a full global response to a global scourge 2013-10
More efforts needed to protect people from exposure to toxic substances 2015-05
Special Rapporteurs call for new treaty on pesticides 2017-03
Statement by Vicki Tauli-Corpuz on her visit to the United States 2017-03
Statement on Dakota Access Pipeline 2016-09
Statement on Evictions of Sengwer in western Kenya 2018-01
Statement on human rights and climate change 2015-12
Statement on Standing Rock protesters 2016-11
Statement on the situation of Gustavo Castro Soto 2016-03
Statement on World Environment Day 2017-06
Statement to Latin American and Caribbean Countries on Environmental Human Rights Obligations 2014-11
States must fulfil human rights obligations in protecting biodiversity 2017-03
The right to information about hazardous substances 2015-09
The Right to Sanitation 2015-12
Treaty on environmental democracy in Latin America/Caribbean 2017-11
UN experts applaud ECLAC negotiation 2015-10
UN Experts Call for Central Role of Civil Society in Post-2015 Development Goals 2015-05
UN experts on human rights say corporations should contribute to sustainable development 2015-07
UN experts urge G7 leaders to act on commitment to improving supply chain conditions 2015-06
UN Independent Expert Releases First Report to the UN Human Rights Council 2013-03
UN Independent Experts Call for Measures to Eradicate Racial Discrimination 2014-12
UN Nations Independent Expert: "Protecting the environment is also a human right" 2013-02
UN rights expert urges Kenya to protect four environmental defenders whose lives are under threat 2017-02
UN rights experts condemn Viet Nam for incommunicado detention of blogger ‘Mother Mushroom’ 2017-03
Visit to Mongolia 2017-09
Visit to Uruguay 2017-05
“If we fail our environment, we fail to protect our human rights,” warn UN experts on Earth Day 2013-04
“Make human rights the priority in all conservation efforts” 2016-08